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Meet your Energy Advisor: Anna Hagadorn

Solar can be complicated – that’s why EnergySage has a team of Energy Advisors here to help answer any and all of your solar questions. One of our expert advisors is Anna: we sat down with her to learn more about her time at EnergySage and hear some inside tips for people shopping for solar today.

What’s a common myth you hear from people looking into solar?

I think one of the most common myths I encounter is when solar shoppers expect to be able to “sell” excess energy back to the grid. In many states, a policy known as net metering helps solar system owners take advantage of any surplus energy they produce, but that typically doesn’t mean you’ll receive a check in the mail from your power company. Rather, surplus energy you produce on your roof gets sent back to the grid, and you receive credits on your account that you can use to offset consumption when the sun isn’t shining. You can think of this as similar to store credit, but the store is your grid, and the credits are units of energy.

If you could give only one piece of advice to solar shoppers, what would it be?

Ownership is the way to go, either through financing or cash purchase – you will save more money and glean greater benefits from the system with this approach as compared with leasing.

Why do you enjoy working in the solar industry?

I’ve worked in renewables for my whole career. What I particularly enjoy about working in solar specifically is how accessible it has become for so many people, regardless of geography or income level. Between the availability of solar financing and innovative approaches like community solar, this renewable tech is a feasible investment for many more people than some other technologies I’ve studied and worked on; reduce your energy bills and your personal carbon footprint, all in one project – it really is that simple!

What’s your favorite part about working at EnergySage?

It’s got to be the people. I work with a team of truly inspiring energy nerds whom I learn from each day. The way different teams interact cross-functionally I think helps the whole company improve across initiatives. Plus, we have a Fun Committee.

Are there any upcoming trends or changes to the industry that you’re excited about?

I’m really excited to see how batteries and other energy storage projects continue to improve. In particular, I’m hopeful that as more manufacturers hop into the energy storage space, increasing the number of available storage products, that costs will start coming down significantly.

Do you have a favorite solar joke?

Watt, me? Not much of a jokester. I’ll leave it to Sam.

Are there any famous solar advocates/environmentalists that you look up to?

So many, but Gaylord Nelson stands out in particular. As an environmentalist and politician, he helped to pass many of the keystone laws which protect our resources, like the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Wilderness Act. He is probably most well known for founding Earth Day back in 1970, but what resonates most with me is his impressive work advancing environmental policy that was actually grounded in environmental science. I hope to achieve even a fraction of his impact with my career.

When you’re not busy talking about solar, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I grew up dancing, and try to make time to attend classes around the city. I also love to read, stay up-to-date on domestic and foreign current events, and pet my cat, DeeDee.

Explore solar options on EnergySage

By signing up on the EnergySage Marketplace, you can receive up to seven quotes from local, pre-screened installation companies to compare. Upon registering, we’ll connect you with a dedicated Energy Advisor (maybe Anna!) that’s available to support you throughout the solar shopping process.


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