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Solar Panels


Solar Panel Roof


A Permit Plan-Set for a photovoltaic (PV) system on a residential or commercial project typically includes the following documents and tasks:

  • Site Plan: A detailed plan that shows the location of the proposed PV system on the property, including its orientation, tilt, and shading. The plan should also show the location of any existing buildings and structures on the property, as well as any proposed or existing electrical service points.

  • Structural Plan: This plan includes details on the design and placement of the racking system, including all attachments and anchor points, as well as the load calculations used to determine the strength of the structure.

  • Electrical Plan: This plan includes details on the electrical design of the PV system, including the number and type of panels, the size and type of inverter, the location of all electrical components, and the routing and sizing of electrical cables.

  • Interconnection Plan: This plan includes details on how the PV system will be connected to the electrical grid, including the location of the utility service entrance and any necessary equipment, such as a disconnect switch or metering device.

  • System Specification Sheet: A detailed list of all components used in the PV system, including their make, model, and specifications.

  • Operating and Maintenance Manual: A manual that provides detailed information on the operation, maintenance, and safety procedures for the PV system.

  • System Performance and Warranty Information: This document provides information on the expected performance and warranty of the PV system.

  • Any applicable State or local permits and approvals: The permit plan-set should also include any required state or local permits, such as building permits, electrical permits, or environmental permits.

  • Technical calculations and reports: Any technical calculations and reports that support the design and construction of the PV system, such as wind speed calculations, fire safety analysis, or soil analysis.

In addition to these documents, the scope of work for the Permit Plan-Set should also include site visits, surveys, and consultations with local authorities and utilities to ensure compliance with all relevant codes and regulations.

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