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EnergySage statistics: key things to know about us and our Marketplaces

EnergySage was founded in 2009 with a simple mission: to educate and empower homeowners to tap into the environmentally friendly and cost-saving benefits of renewable energy. Having started in the rooftop solar market, we know the demand homeowners have and we know how difficult it can be to find the right installer. That’s why we developed our one-of-a-kind Marketplace to make it easy for anyone to quickly find quotes and get in contact with vetted installers nearby.

As the industry has grown, so have our offerings: in addition to helping homeowners get quotes for solar panels, we now have solutions for businesses looking to go solar, those wanting to install solar-plus-storage, and we’ve created a Community Solar Marketplace for those who want to go solar but aren’t the best fit for traditional rooftop panels. In this article, we’ll discuss the key things you should know about EnergySage.

Key takeaways

  1. More than 10 million people used EnergySage in 2021.

  2. EnergySage collects about 26 million data points annually from our Marketplace.

  3. People who use EnergySage can receive up to seven quotes.

  4. The average cost per watt ($/W) on the EnergySage Marketplace in 2021 was $2.77/W compared to the residential industry average of $3.10/W.

  5. EnergySage was acquired by Schneider Electric in 2022.

  6. Numerous free resources are available to EnergySage users (including solar quotes through the EnergySage Marketplace!).

What’s in this article?

The EnergySage Marketplace explained

Our Marketplace is unique so we want to make sure you understand the ins and outs of how it works.

How many people use EnergySage?

From people interested in learning basic facts about solar to those ready to get in contact with installers, over 10 million users visit the EnergySage website annually. Overall, we estimate that at least 25% of all US solar shoppers visit EnergySage during their shopping journey.

How does the Marketplace work?

The EnergySage Marketplace is a great way for interested shoppers to find a wide range of solar equipment from panels to inverters and storage options. Throughout the buying process, we collect various points of data from shoppers to ensure we can provide as accurate a quote as possible. In 2021, EnergySage collected nearly 26 million transaction-level data points from custom solar quotes provided to active solar shoppers on our Marketplace.

We compile the information we collect into our Solar Marketplace Intel Report. Through this one-of-a-kind report, we are able to get a pulse on the solar industry as a whole. As a result, we can work to make the solar shopping experience as easy and transparent as possible.

After putting in information such as their zip code and their energy usage, EnergySage shoppers can receive up to seven quotes from qualified installers.

How much can you save by using the EnergySage Marketplace?

The average cost of solar on the EnergySage Marketplace is $2.77/W. This number is substantially less than the national average of $3.10/W for residential solar, as reported by the Solar Energy Industries Association – meaning, on average, EnergySage users save over 10 percent on their solar installations compared to their neighbors!

What are the most popular products on the EnergySage Marketplace?

We work closely with equipment manufacturers to have as up-to-date information as possible about the latest and greatest products in the solar industry. Because of this, we are able to share the most quoted and selected products on our Marketplace:

  1. The most quoted and selected solar panel on the EnergySage Marketplace in 2021 was the Panasonic EVPV370 WBS (EverVolt series).

  2. The most popular inverter on the EnergySage marketplace was Enphase’s IQ7PLUS-72.

  3. More solar shoppers selected the Enphase IQ 10 Battery than any other storage option on the EnergySage Marketplace.

  4. When combining equipment for a complete solar-plus-storage system, the most popular setups included Panasonic EverVolt solar panels (370 W), Enphase IQ7 microinverters, and an Enphase IQ 10 Battery.

How does EnergySage operate?

First and foremost, it’s important for you to know that we’re a for-profit company but we remain unbiased in all of our recommendations – at the end of the day, our number one goal is to help people make smarter energy decisions, regardless of whether solar makes sense for your home or business.

Schneider Electric acquisition

In February 2022, we were acquired by Schneider Electric, the global leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation. This has allowed us to grow at an even quicker pace while expanding our existing marketplace options, which in turn will help our partners grow their business faster and more efficiently.

In light of the acquisition, we are continuing to be unbiased and operate independently. We remain product and provider agnostic while serving as the trusted energy advisor to the millions of people who want to educate themselves and make renewable energy a part of their daily lives.

Free resources available through EnergySage

By visiting EnergySage today, you will have access to numerous free resources as part of our commitment to fostering transparency in the solar shopping process. Here are some of the free things you’ll get access to by visiting EnergySage:

  1. Content library: one of our largest and most comprehensive resources is our library of content full of news and information about renewable energy.

  2. Solar Calculator: want a quick estimate of how much solar will cost? Check out our free Solar Calculator.

  3. Buyer’s Guides: want to compare different types of equipment? We have solar panel, inverter, and solar battery buyer’s guides to help you decide what equipment is right for you.

  4. Solar quotes: by signing up for EnergySage for free, you can quickly receive multiple quotes (up to seven) from qualified installers for solutions that fit your needs at the right price.

  5. Energy Advisors: once you sign up and start receiving quotes, you’ll be paired with an Energy Advisor who will guide you through the whole process from start to finish.

  6. Community solar projects: through our Community Solar Marketplace, you can sign up to participate in a community solar project, which in most cases will save you money annually on electricity.

Start your solar journey today

Want access to all of the free resources we just discussed? Sign up for a free account on the EnergySage Marketplace to start getting quotes for solar or solar-plus-storage systems. By comparing multiple quotes, you’ll be able to find the right system for you at a great price! Not quite ready to receive quotes? Use our Solar Calculator to get an estimate of how much you’ll save by going solar.

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