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Solar Mason's Term Loans are crafted to provide robust, long-term financial solutions for the solar industry. Perfect for businesses making significant investments in solar projects, these loans offer a blend of large loan amounts, competitive interest rates, and extended repayment periods.

Key Features:

Wide Range of Loan Amounts: Loans available from $25,000 to $20 million, accommodating everything from moderate upgrades to major solar developments.

Competitive Interest Rates: Interest rates vary from 7% to 30%, designed to suit different financial situations and project requirements.

Efficient Processing and Funding: Benefit from our streamlined process, capable of delivering funding in as little as 2 days to keep your projects on schedule.

Long Repayment Terms: Choose from repayment terms between 5 to 30 years, offering the flexibility needed for thorough financial planning and project execution.

Monthly Payment Schedule: Convenient monthly payments that align with your business’s budgeting and cash flow management.

Accessible Credit Score Requirements: A minimum credit score of 620+ makes our Term Loans available to a wide range of businesses in the solar industry.

Annual Revenue Consideration: Catering to established businesses with a minimum annual revenue of $200,000, ensuring our loans are well-matched to your business’s scale.

Business Maturity: Suitable for businesses operational for 2 years or more, supporting companies with a proven track record.

Solar Mason's Term Loans are designed to support the long-term growth and success of your solar business. Ideal for expansions, upgrades, or new projects, our financial solutions are tailored to drive your solar ventures forward.

Are you planning substantial investment in your solar projects and need reliable, long-term financing? Apply Now to explore Solar Mason's Term Loans and take a significant step towards realizing your solar project goals.

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