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Solar Mason's Real Estate Financing provides a comprehensive solution for solar businesses aiming to invest in real estate. This program is designed to support various real estate activities, including property acquisition, site development, or refinancing, offering substantial financial backing and flexible terms tailored to the solar industry's long-term real estate strategies.

Key Features:

Diverse Financing Range: Loan amounts from $150,000 to $50 million cater to a wide spectrum of real estate investment needs, from small acquisitions to major development projects.

Competitive Interest Rates: Benefit from favorable interest rates between 6% and 12%, ensuring cost-effective support for your real estate investments.

Efficient Processing: Experience streamlined processing capable of providing funding in as little as 2 weeks, facilitating smooth real estate transactions.

Extended Loan Terms: Choose from loan terms of 1 to 30 years, offering the flexibility needed for long-term investment planning and cash flow management.

Monthly Payment Schedule: Convenient monthly payments are designed to integrate seamlessly with your business's financial planning.

Accessible Credit Requirements: With a minimum credit score of 620+, our Real Estate Financing is available to a wide range of businesses in the solar industry.

Annual Revenue Consideration: Catering to established businesses with a minimum annual revenue of $200,000, ensuring our financial solutions match your business's scale.

Business Longevity: Suitable for businesses operational for 3 years or more, supporting both well-established and emerging players in the solar sector.

Solar Mason's Real Estate Financing offers the key to expanding your solar business's real estate capabilities. Whether you're looking to grow your operational footprint or invest in new solar project sites, our tailored financial solutions are designed to propel your growth and success.

Ready to elevate your solar business's real estate ambitions? Apply Now to discover more about Solar Mason's Real Estate Financing options and begin your journey towards significant real estate investment and development.

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