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Volunteer group offers grants for solar in D.C.

On November 2, a volunteer group in Washington, D.C., announced a fund aimed at making solar energy more accessible for the local community.

The DC Solar United Neighborhoods (DC SUN) Community emPOWERment Fund will offer grants to help local community organizations go solar.

Funding for these grants will come from donations from supporters of solar energy in the region. At least six solar installers have already joined the fund.

“The fund will provide grants or loans to high-profile community organizations, low income households, and struggling local businesses, allowing them to lock-in a low electricity rate and save on their electric bills,” said Anya Schoolman, President of DC SUN. “It will also help raise the profile solar technology through highly visible installations at notable organizations.”

Solar panels on a church rooftop. Photo Credit: DC SUN

The group calls the program a win-win solution that will provide non-profits, churches, community groups and DC residents with the financial and technical assistance needed to make solar a viable option.

DC SUN worked with New Generation Energy, a non-profit which promotes renewable energy use. New Generation Energy provided DC SUN with a system to facilitate online collaboration between the donors and participants of the program.

In addition to the fund, DC SUN advocates for greater incentives for solar energy and supports more than ten neighborhood solar cooperatives throughout the District of Columbia.


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