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Video from Transport Evolved: why solar and electric vehicles go well together

Looking to power your home and vehicle with clean energy, while saving money? Whether you’ve already made the switch to driving electric or are considering an electric vehicle (EV) for your next vehicle purchase, Nikki from Transport Evolved shares some reasons that solar panels are a good companion to EVs.

Future proof the cost of “fueling” your car

The average U.S. driver is paying $4.779 per gallon today, with California gas prices over $6 per gallon! While driving an EV costs approximately 3.5 times less than driving a gas-powered vehicle and you won’t have to worry about soaring prices at the pump, you will still have to worry about the volatility of electricity sources. Typically, you’ll be paying for your “fuel” cost via your electric bill when you charge your car at home – unless you decide to install solar! Installing solar panels is a great way to gain energy independence and savings by powering your EV with sunshine.

Reduce your carbon footprint

While the production of solar panels emits some greenhouse gasses (GHGs), it’s far less than the electricity generated from electrical grids. So, adding solar panels to your home is not only a great way to save on powering your EV, it’s good for the environment, too.

Generate solar energy during the day to charge your EV at night

While solar panels don’t generate energy at night when you’re usually charging your EV, in many areas you can get credit from your utility for the excess energy your solar system produces during the day through net metering. If you install a solar battery, you can also use any excess energy generated during the day to charge your battery, which you can use to charge your EV at night.

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Save money by running your EV on solar

Installing solar panels allows you to power your entire home, including your EV, with renewable, zero-emission electricity. Head to the EnergySage Marketplace to receive quotes from local solar installers. Have some additional questions about going solar? When you receive quotes, you’ll be connected with an Energy Advisor who can answer your questions (free of charge!).

Editor’s note: EnergySage sponsored this video from Transport Evolved, which appears on their YouTube Channel.

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