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The 3 Main Advantages of Solar Energy

There are many advantages of solar panels for your home, summarized below.

advantages of solar panels

Photo Credit: Sierra Club Green Home

Environmental Advantages of Solar

  1. Solar radiation is a plentiful, renewable resource and is the most efficient of all renewable energies.

  2. Solar panels do not emit any pollutants during use.

Financial Advantages of Solar

  1. Despite high initial costs, government rebates and the long life of solar panels make solar energy cheaper than drawing power from the grid in the long run.

  2. Solar panels require little maintenance and are becoming less expensive as the technology progresses.

  3. A solar electric unit increases the value of your home.

  4. Solar energy is an economical alternative in areas where it is costly to run conventional power lines.

Energy Independence

  1. Stand-alone solar energy systems have batteries to provide power when the electricity grid cannot.

  2. Solar energy also reduces the country’s dependence on oil and other non-renewable, environmentally damaging fossil fuels.

Learn about solar panels to generate electricity for your home, solar thermal energy to heat water, and solar pool heating.


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