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Thai Solar Company to Power Rural Myanmar

Thailand-based solar developer SPCG Public Company Limited has announced plans to build and operate solar farms to supply electricity to rural communities in Myanmar.

SPCG will install 2 MW of solar power capacity in Myanmar, with plans for further expansion, as Myanmar struggles to meet the rising demand for electricity for its population of 55 million.

The project will operate off the grid, providing power to several rural communities. Each solar power plant will cost up to 14 million baht or US$463,000.

According to the Asian Development Bank, only 16 percent of the 40 million people living in rural parts of Myanmar are connected to the electric power grid. Most parts of the country use diesel fuel to power generators that supply electricity to households – but using diesel fuel is not only a source of toxic sulfur dioxide and carbon emissions, but is also almost double the cost of PV.

“Electricity supply in Myanmar is falling short of demand that has grown rapidly,” said Wandee Khunchornyakong, SPCG Chairperson.

“The country’s capacity of electricity production is only 2,500MW for a population of 55 million, compared with 32,000MW to serve Thailand,” she added.

SPCG has many solar farms in Southeast Asia, and is expected to install 240 MW of operational solar capacity in the region by the end of this year.


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