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SolarEdge vs. Enphase: comparing warranties for leading inverter manufacturers

If you want to make sure your solar panel system is operating as efficiently as possible, you are probably considering either power optimizers or microinverters (collectively known as “module level power electronics,” or MLPEs). In the United States, SolarEdge is the leading power optimizer manufacturer, while Enphase leads the pack for microinverters.

Deciding which inverter to choose can be difficult, and product warranties make a difference. In this article, we’ll compare SolarEdge’s warranty offerings with Enphase’s warranties.

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Key takeaways

  1. Enphase’s microinverters and SolarEdge’s optimized central inverters account for over 90 percent of quotes on EnergySage.

  2. Enphase’s inverter warranty covers its microinverters for 25 years.

  3. With a SolarEdge inverter warranty, you’ll have power optimizer coverage for 25 years and central inverter coverage for 12 years (but this can be extended to 20-25 years at a cost).

  4. A portion of labor is covered by both companies under the inverter warranties.

  5. Use the EnergySage Marketplace to get free quotes for solar systems.

What’s in this article?

  1. Inverter market share

  2. SolarEdge vs. Enphase inverter warranty

  3. SolarEdge inverter warranty

  4. Enphase inverter warranty

  5. SolarEdge vs. Enphase battery warranty

Inverter market share

On the EnergySage Marketplace, SolarEdge and Enphase dominate market share: in the second half of 2021, these two companies were included in over 90 percent of quotes to homes and businesses shopping for solar.

SolarEdge warranty vs. Enphase inverter warranty: which is better?

Both SolarEdge and Enphase offer a strong 25-year warranty for their MLPEs. However, SolarEdge’s inverter itself is covered for only 12 years. SolarEdge does offer the option to pay for an extended warranty for its inverters – this might be be worth it if you choose a SolarEdge system because central inverters don’t typically last as long as power optimizers or microinverters.

SolarEdge vs. Enphase inverter warranties Warranty coverageSolarEdgeEnphase Product (inverter)12 years25 years Product (power optimizer equipment – for central inverters only)25 yearsN/A Product (communication equipment)5 years5 years Labor costs$125 - $255 labor reimbursement paid directly to installers$125 labor reimbursement paid directly to installers Shipping of partsYesYes TransferabilityYes, no transfer feeYes, $399 transfer fee Extended warranty offeringUp to 20 or 25 years, at an additional costNo

Read on for a detailed breakdown of each company’s warranties.

SolarEdge warranties for power optimizers, inverters, and monitoring

If you install a solar panel system with SolarEdge, there are separate warranties to cover each SolarEdge product:

  1. Power optimizers (roof equipment): 25 years

  2. Central inverters, meter, and modem (wall equipment): 12 years

  3. Communication equipment: 5 years

All of SolarEdge’s warranties start either 4 months from when the products are shipped from SolarEdge or when the products are installed (whichever is earlier).

SolarEdge covers between $125 – $225 in any labor costs and offers the option to purchase an extended warranty to 20 or 25 years. You can also transfer its warranty easily to new system owners at no cost. To learn more about SolarEdge’s inverter warranty, read our complete review.

Activating and using your SolarEdge warranty

If your SolarEdge power optimizer, inverter, or other product has a defect and you need to activate your warranty, you need to share your product’s serial number, a copy of the purchase receipt or warranty certificate, and a description of the problem.

Once they have verified that your product is eligible for repair under the warranty, the company will repair the product (at your property or at their own facility), give you a credit towards a new product, or give you a replacement product.

SolarEdge covers the cost of shipping products for repair, as well as some labor and material costs. However, if they need to send someone to repair your product on-site, you may have to pay travel and boarding costs.

Enphase warranties for microinverters, monitoring, and wall equipment

Solar panel systems with Enphase microinverters may have additional Enphase components as well. Each of these is covered by a separate warranty:

  1. Microinverters (roof equipment): 25 years

  2. IQ Gateway and IQ Combiner (wall equipment): 5 years

  3. Communication equipment: 5 years

Most of Enphase’s warranties start either on the date the products are registered with Enphase or when the products are installed and activated (whichever is earlier). To learn more about Enphase’s inverter warranty, read our complete review.

Activating and using your Enphase warranty

If your Enphase product has a defect and you need to activate your warranty, the company will either repair or replace the product or give you a refund. Enphase’s warranty covers the cost of new equipment and shipping products for repair. Similar to SolarEdge, they also cover some labor costs.

SolarEdge vs. Enphase battery warranties: which is better?

In addition to inverters, Enphase and SolarEdge also offer storage solutions. Both the Enphase IQ Battery and SolarEdge Energy Bank are covered for 10 years. However, if you exceed the cycles or throughput clause for Enphase before the 10 years your warranty will no longer apply, while SolarEdge does not include a cycles of throughput clause in its warranty.

SolarEdge vs. Enphase battery warranties warranty coverageenphasesolaredge product and performance10 years, plus a cycles (4,000 cycles) and throughput (2.8 MWh per kWh) clause10 years End of warranty capacity70% at year 1070% at year 10 Labor for repairs/ reimbursementsNoNo Shipping of partsYesYes TransferabilityYes, with a feeYes, no fee

Compare your SolarEdge & Enphase solar options to get the best deal

Whether you choose Enphase microinverters or SolarEdge power optimizers for your solar energy system depends on your priorities. If you’re still considering both options, you can easily compare quotes from local installers on the EnergySage Marketplace. Nine out of 10 quotes on EnergySage include either Enphase or SolarEdge inverters.

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