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Scheduled Power Outage in Ticonderoga Region This Saturday for Vital Transmission Upgrades

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

An essential power outage has been planned for the Ticonderoga area on Saturday, December 9th, spanning from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. This interruption is a crucial part of National Grid's ongoing efforts to enhance the reliability of the region's electrical system. Approximately 10,000 customers in Essex, Warren, and Washington counties will be impacted by this outage.

New York, Solar Mason Black Out Repairs
Solar Mason Transmission Line Repair Work in New York During Balck Out

National Grid has worked closely with local authorities to set a suitable time for this vital work, understanding the inconvenience caused. Customers and local officials have been directly informed about this development. In response to the community's needs during this period, local municipalities will establish warming stations.

Matt Barnett, Vice President of Electric Operations at National Grid, acknowledges the difficulties posed by such a lengthy outage, especially during this season. He highlights that the necessity for these repairs emerged during comprehensive reliability enhancements on the transmission line. Barnett expresses gratitude to both customers and officials for their input in planning the safe execution of these repairs.

Available Warming Stations on Saturday (with potential changes in hours, so calling ahead is advised):

  • Crown Point Town Hall, 17 Monitor Bay Rd. #1, Crown Point, NY - 518-597-3035

  • Hague Fire Department, 4 W. Hague Rd., Hague, NY - 518-543-6059 (opens at 7:30 a.m.)

  • Mineville-Witherbee Volunteer Fire Department, 112 Raymond Wright Ave., Mineville, NY - 518-942-7126

  • Moriah Town Hall, 38 Park Pl STE 1, Port Henry, NY - 518-546-8631

  • Moriah Volunteer Fire Department, 360 Tarbell Hill Rd., Moriah, NY - 518-546-7837

  • Putnam Volunteer Fire Company, 43 Firehouse Lane, Putnam Station, NY - 518-547-9982

  • Ticonderoga Community Building, 132 Montcalm St., Ticonderoga, NY - 518-585-6677

  • Westport Town Hall, 22 Champlain Ave., Westport, NY - 518-962-4419

The transmission line, spanning approximately 40 miles across challenging terrain, services communities such as Chilson, Clemons, Crown Point, Dresden, Hague, Huletts Landing, Mineville, Moriah, Putnam Station, Silver Bay, Ticonderoga, and Westport. Over the past two years, National Grid has replaced over 200 transmission structures and extended more than two miles of conductor along this line, significantly improving service reliability in the area.

Barnett emphasizes that these upgrades will bolster both resiliency and reliability. He commends the dedication of skilled line and construction workers who are integral to the safe and reliable delivery of energy to the Ticonderoga area.

Safety Tips During the Outage:
  • Generators must be operated outdoors to prevent carbon monoxide buildup. Disconnect from National Grid’s system by turning off the main breaker before using a generator.

  • Life support customers using electrically powered equipment should contact National Grid at 1-800-642-4272 for assistance and information.

  • Maintain working flashlights, extra batteries, and ensure electronic devices are fully charged.

  • Exercise caution near emergency responders and power restoration crews.

  • Check on elderly family members, neighbors, and others who may need help during the outage.

About National Grid:

National Grid (NYSE: NGG) is an energy delivery company serving over 20 million people through its networks in New York and Massachusetts. Committed to creating a smarter, stronger, and cleaner energy future, National Grid is transforming its networks with reliable and resilient solutions, striving to meet state climate goals and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


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