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Q&A with Eguana Technologies

Thanks to resiliency and economic benefits, many homeowners throughout the country are considering installing energy storage systems. But with this increased demand comes an increase in products available in the market, making it harder to determine the best battery solution for you and your home. Find out what solar + storage costs in your area in 2023

In order to help you sift through the numerous options, EnergySage is interviewing storage manufacturers to learn more about their product offerings and company. Recently, we sat down with the Canada-based Eguana Technologies to discuss the history of the company, what sets their products apart, and what’s coming up next for their company.

The history and growth of Eguana

[EnergySage] When was Eguana Technologies founded? What’s your history, and how have you grown?

[Eguana] Founded in 1998, Eguana has two decades of experience delivering grid edge power electronics for distributed renewable energy applications, including fuel cell, photovoltaic, and battery applications. [Editor’s note: power electronics include things like the inverters that are integral to solar & solar + storage systems.] Eguana is a leading supplier of energy storage appliances for solar self-consumption, grid services, and demand charge applications at the grid edge with thousands of proprietary power controls solutions deployed in the European, Australian, and North American markets.

In 2014, we determined that the best way to fulfill our goal of helping families and communities achieve savings and security from their renewable energy systems was for Eguana to begin selling complete energy storage systems. Eguana’s integrated energy storage products are now installed and recognized worldwide.

[EnergySage] What’s your company’s mission?

[Eguana] Eguana’s mission is to enable and accelerate the transition to renewable energy by delivering advanced energy storage appliances that empower families and businesses to take charge of their energy supply and that work together to build the electrical infrastructure of the future.

Interest in storage

[EnergySage] Why should homeowners consider installing an energy storage system?

[Eguana] Energy storage provides security and savings for homeowners; these systems allow families to use more of their own renewable energy generated on-site at any hour of the day, insulating them from high utility rates and time of use charges. For example, Eguana’s energy storage systems will automatically schedule operation to avoid using grid power during the most expensive times of the day and also future proof the home against rising electric costs. When the grid goes down, these systems provide backup power to keep the lights on, refrigerator running, and security systems powered until utility power is restored.

[EnergySage] What should homeowners ask about storage systems that they aren’t already? What should they consider as they’re evaluating options?

[Eguana] A few recommendations:

  1. Can I connect the energy storage system to my existing solar energy system?

  2. What type of battery chemistry is being used?

  3. Can the system be programmed to offset my utility’s time-of-use rates?

  4. Where in the home will the system be installed?

  5. How long will my energy storage system last? What is the warranty and what does it cover?

  6. What state and federal incentives are available to help cover some of the upfront cost?

  7. How long has the storage installer been in business? What sort of reviews have they received?

  8. How will I finance the system?

Eguana’s product offerings

[EnergySage] What are Eguana’s primary products for homeowners? How do they fit in with new or existing solar panel systems?

[Eguana] We have both the Evolve NMC and Evolve LFP home energy storage systems. Eguana home energy storage solutions are AC Coupled, making them ideal for new or existing solar PV systems. Our systems are compatible with all major solar PV inverter brands and can be easily integrated into existing PV systems.

[EnergySage] What warranties do you offer with your products? Does your warranty cover the cost of shipping and/or labor?

[Eguana] Eguana offers a 10-year standard warranty, which covers hardware only.

[EnergySage] What differentiates Eguana’s technology from other storage options on the market? Why should/do customers choose Eguana over alternatives?

[Eguana] With 20 years of experience in power electronics design and manufacturing, Eguana offers superior energy storage systems with the highest efficiency inverter on the market. Simply stated, this means that more renewable energy can be used by the homeowners!

Our energy storage systems are based on our own inverter technology which is considered the heart and brain of an energy storage system. Homeowners can feel confident purchasing an energy storage system from a company with an extensive and successful track record in power controls. We also provide individualized training and technical support for our solar dealer network so rest assured our partners are highly qualified in installing Eguana systems on your home.

Our user interface provides an exceptional experience for homeowners with extensive monitoring, Stormwatch, and control over emergency backup reserves. Plus, Eguana is the only company in the market that offers energy storage systems in various lithium chemistries, including both lithium iron phosphate (LFP) and nickel cobalt manganese (NMC). With a much broader product offering, we can match the homeowner’s needs more closely.

The future of energy storage

[EnergySage] What’s next for your company?

[Eguana] Eguana will continue to expand our presence in North America based on our success in Hawaii and California. We plan to increase our presence along the East Coast and continue to view Puerto Rico and the entire Caribbean market as a long-term opportunity for distributed renewable energy assets.

Coming up, Eguana will be releasing an improved version of its Evolve system in 2021, a higher power rated system with a sleek external design. This system will allow for even more extensive backup power during grid outages.

Compare your solar-plus-storage options on EnergySage

Interested in Eguana’s products, or other solar battery options? On the EnergySage Marketplace, you can receive up to seven custom solar-plus-storage quotes from local installers. The quotes you receive will include information about the proposed solar equipment, system design, financing, battery details, and more. If you want to install a specific battery–like Eguana’s Evolve–simply note it in your account so installers can provide a quote with that equipment.

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