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Q&A with Blue Planet Energy: the Blue Ion HI

The energy storage industry is always evolving, and new and improved battery options for homeowners come out constantly. Take Blue Planet Energy, for example – this innovative company out of Hawaii recently released with a sleek new product called the Blue Ion HI. We recently (and virtually) sat down with Blue Planet Energy to learn more about their newest offering, and to hear about what’s coming up next for the company. Find out what solar + storage costs in your area in 2023

How the Blue Ion HI came to be

[EnergySage] Tell us more about your company’s motivation for coming out with this new product – why did Blue Planet Energy develop the Blue Ion HI?

[Blue Planet Energy] Last year we launched the Blue Ion LX, a solution for large-scale microgrid applications. To develop our Blue Ion HI, we took our innovations from the Blue Ion LX, key learnings from previous generations of our product, and feedback from the field. The motivation was to improve both the installer and customer experience with our smaller-scale solution. We made a product that’s faster and simpler to install for our certified technicians. We also upgraded the materials, design, and software to provide customers a premium-quality product that is easy to use, reliable, and durable.

[EnergySage] How does this system move storage technology forward?

[Blue Planet Energy] Whether it’s providing critical backup power during grid outages or intelligently powering everyday life, Blue Ion HI paves a path to self-reliance and sustainability for individuals and organizations around the world.

Every aspect of this product is thoughtfully designed and optimized for installers and customers. Installation time is lessened and much simpler due to features like conduit knockouts for scalability, removable panels for easy access, and many more. Safety and reliability are priorities for energy storage to scale, so everything from its rugged exterior to fire-safe battery chemistry and industry-leading warranty address this need. Lastly, our products are future-proof; customers can scale their energy storage whenever needed, and our products integrate a wide variety of traditional and renewable energy sources.

Overall, all Blue Planet Energy products adhere to safety, simplicity, and reliability to deliver the full environmental and economic benefits of energy storage to the masses.

Product details & differentiators for the Blue Ion HI

[EnergySage] How does the Blue Ion HI compare with alternatives on the market?

[Blue Planet Energy] The Blue Ion HI delivers the best warranty, safety, and performance. Our products have an unmatched 15-year performance warranty at use up to 8,000 full cycles (that’s nearly 22 years of daily use!) The battery cells and modules are certified to the highest safety standards in accordance with UL 9540A Test Method and the entire system is UL 9540 Tested.

The Blue Ion HI is a premium solution, with the design aesthetic to match. Blue Ion HI’s innovative enclosure is constructed from high-quality materials for an attractive and durable addition to any home or business. The stackable, maintenance-free system reliably delivers service with or without the grid at higher power than competitors.

[EnergySage] What are the best use-cases for the Blue Ion HI? Does it pair well with a solar installation?

[Blue Planet Energy] The Blue Ion HI serves single-family homes, small businesses, and community centers. Designed for both residential and commercial applications, one Blue Ion HI can quickly expand capacity in units of 8, 12, or 16 kilowatt-hours (kWh). As your energy needs evolve, so can the Blue Ion HI. Its stackable design minimizes system footprint while allowing more storage capacity, up to 448 kWh, without system overhauling or additional accessories.

With versatile configuration options and intuitive integration with renewable energy sources, Blue Ion HI allows customers to effortlessly store energy from a range of sources, including solar panels, the electrical grid, generators, and more.

The Blue Ion HI can be installed as DC coupled with solar or AC coupled, including in retrofits of existing solar installations. Additionally, it can be configured for split-phase or three-phase power applications.

[EnergySage] What warranties do you offer with the Blue Ion HI? Does your warranty cover the cost of shipping and/or labor?

[Blue Planet Energy] We offer an unmatched 15-year performance warranty and a 10-year product warranty. The performance warranty guarantees the usable capacity of the energy storage over its lifetime and provides for extensive usage – 8,000 cycles at 100 percent depth of discharge, or 15 years, whichever comes first.

Our warranty covers the shipping cost of the return – it doesn’t cover the cost of labor and transportation to remove the part under warranty and to install the replaced part of a Blue Ion HI. These costs shall be the end customer’s sole responsibility.

[EnergySage] What do your customers–installers and system owners–like most about Blue Planet Energy?

[Blue Planet Energy] Always listening and learning from our partners, the top three reasons include our products, people, and purpose. Our foundation begins with our mission – we strive to eliminate the use of carbon-based fuels by empowering individuals and communities to become energy independent. With this at our core, we develop premium products that are durable and reliable as well as building a passionate team of experts who always carry the Aloha spirit.

Homeowner Lydia who lives with our Blue Ion product says, “We love the 100 percent discharge capability, the 15-year warranty & the beautiful design of the Blue Ion. Not only do we have reliable 24/7 backup power as a result of this system, but we’re also saving money.”

Our trusted partner Jeff Richardson, President of CPM Design & Construction, a solar-plus-storage and home construction expert in Hawaii designed a system with the new Blue Ion HI. He says, “The Blue Ion HI is an extremely reliable, no maintenance, long-term investment, and my customers love its high-quality, sleek design aesthetics. It also takes about half the time to install the Blue Ion HI compared to other systems, and its ability to be easily stacked maximizes energy density while minimizing installation footprint.”

Availability of the Blue Ion HI

[EnergySage] Where is the Blue Ion HI currently available? Where are you expanding to next?

[Blue Planet Energy] With the support of our certified dealer network, all Blue Planet Energy products, including the Blue Ion HI, are available in North America, Central America, and the Caribbean.

[EnergySage] Can any company in your certified installer network install the Blue Ion HI?

[Blue Planet Energy] Yes, prior to earning their certification, each verified installer or technician builds their product knowledge and skills with Blue Planet Energy’s on-demand online training program.

Eyes to the future

[EnergySage] What’s next for your company?

[Blue Planet Energy] We are all-in on solving our climate crisis and, to that end, we are working to massively accelerate decarbonization, electrification, and resilience. We are rapidly expanding our dealer network across North America and supporting partners to deploy clean energy microgrids using our Blue Ion products. We are launching a turnkey financing offering for commercial microgrids with solar and our Blue Ion LX. We have launched a donation program to streamline our collaboration with nonprofits creating clean energy microgrids.

We will continue to share best practices and push for progressive policies to accelerate climate solutions that enable 100% of people to live on 100% renewable energy before 2045.

[EnergySage] Where can someone learn more about Blue Planet Energy?

[Blue Planet Energy] We always have things going on and offer resources to grow your knowledge. We encourage you to visit as well as reach out if you are interested in exploring Blue Planet Energy.

Compare your solar-plus-storage options on EnergySage

Interested in the Blue Ion HI, or other solar battery options? On the EnergySage Marketplace, you can receive up to seven custom solar-plus-storage quotes from local installers. The quotes you receive will include information about the proposed solar equipment, system design, financing, battery details, and more. If you want to install a specific battery–like Blue Planet Energy’s Blue Ion HI–simply note it in your account so installers can provide a quote with that equipment.

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