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New Tool Saves You Thousands on Solar Installation

SolarIQ is using the power of data to help homeowners get a better deal on solar.

“Shopping around for the best deal on solar is important, but takes a lot of work. Our tool helps people compare solar deals instantly” says SolarIQ co-founder Dexter Kim.

SolarIQ is a free web-based tool. It can be found at

Based on your monthly electric bill and zip code, SolarIQ calculates how much you should be paying for your solar installation.

Not comparing deals can be a costly mistake. Homeowners can overpay for solar by thousands of dollars if they don’t compare offers from multiple installation companies, according to Dexter.

The tool is powered by the largest collection of solar sales data. SolarIQ combines data from government and private sector sources. By aggregating sales data for initiatives such as the OpenPV project and the California Solar Initiative, SolarIQ can provide users with more accurate results.

Although SolarIQ’s tool can give you a reliable estimate, each house’s unique characteristics can influence the actual price.

Disclaimer: Solar Tribune’s founder is affiliated with SolarIQ.


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