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IKEA completes 36th solar installation in U.S.

IKEA has installed solar panels at it’s distribution center in Perryville, Maryland, bringing the total portion of IKEA facilities in the U.S. with solar to over 80%.

“As one of the largest rooftop arrays in the country, this installation will ensure that the IKEA Perryville distribution center consumes very little power from the electric grid,” said Ed Morris, Perryville Distribution Center manager.

The 2,674.9-kW system, covers over 750,000 square feet comprising of 18,576 panels, and is Maryland’s largest rooftop array. It’s the 36th installation on an IKEA facility in the U.S.

The system will produce about 3,397,178 kWh of clean electricity each year – that’s the equivalent of reducing 2,397 tons of carbon dioxide, eliminating the emissions of 499 cars or powering 359 homes annually.

Credit: FEC France

Credit: FEC France

The furniture retailer owns and operates the PV system, which was developed, designed and installed by Inovateus Solar.

“IKEA is thrilled at this opportunity to further our investment in this community while also continuing our commitment of incorporating sustainability into our supply chain operations. We appreciate the continued support of the City of Perryville, Cecil County, Delmarva Power, and Inovateus Solar, our partners in this project.”


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