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Group funds solar panels for California non-profit

California-based Everybody Solar has funded a solar energy system for Rebuilding Together Peninsula (RTP), a non-profit that helps to repair homes in the Bay Area.

It’s the first project funded by Everybody Solar, a group whose aim is to provide charities with solar energy systems to “help them reduce electricity costs and direct their limited resources to the communities they serve.”

The group’s efforts are particularly appreciated because although solar is booming in California, non-profit organisations are unable to take advantage of government incentives due to their tax-exempt status.

That’s where RTP comes in: Rebuilding Together Peninsula brings together volunteers to rehabilitate homes and community centers for low-income homeowners and neighbors — seniors, disabled, or families.

Credit: SunWork Renewable Energy Projects

Credit: SunWork Renewable Energy Projects

Over its 20-year working period, the 13.5 kW rooftop system at the RTP head office will save the non-profit around $100,000 – allowing RTP to focus on providing home repairs to improve the health, safety, and well-being of its low-income neighbours.

“We are thrilled to partner with Everybody Solar,” said Seana O’Shaughnessy, RTP Executive Director. “Incorporating green construction and energy efficient practices into our rehabilitation projects has become one of our top priorities.”

“With the help of Everybody Solar, we can implement these principles at our own facility. Additionally, the annual cost savings is significant – allowing us to complete more projects each year.”

Everybody Solar began fundraising in May 2012, with a goal of raising $34,000 through donations and grants – which it has now reached thanks to around 100 donors.

“The compound savings this project will provide the community are what drew us to helping Rebuilding Together Peninsula. For each dollar we raise, RTP will save $2.20, and each dollar RTP spends on home improvement makes a difference to a neighbor in need,” said Youness Scally, Executive Director and Co-founder of Everybody Solar.

Everybody Solar is working with SunWork Renewable Energy Projects to install the 60 solar panels, a project which will take about one week to  complete this month.


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