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Deutsche Bank completes largest PV installation in Manhattan

On January 23, Deutsche Bank announced the completion of the largest solar PV array in Manhattan.

The investment bank installed a 122.4 kW PV system on it’s 50-story office building on Wall Street, New York City. Located 737 feet above ground, this new installation also claims the title of the highest elevated flat panel PV array in the world.

“New York City has the most ambitious sustainability plan in the world in part because we’re working with private sector partners to reduce our carbon emissions, rely on cleaner energy sources, and meet the goals of our long-term sustainability program, PlaNYC,” said New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The new PV installation atop Deutsche Bank's U.S. headquarters in New York City. Photo Credit: Business Wire.

“This project is one part of a comprehensive global program to reduce the Bank’s consumption of fossil fuels and shift to more renewable sources of energy,” said Seth Waugh, CEO of Deutsche Bank Americas. “Our goal is to neutralize the Bank’s global CO2 emissions by 2013.”

The array will decrease carbon dioxide emissions by 100 metric tons per year and is the third PV project completed by Deutsche Bank in North America. Over the past four years, the investment bank has increased its use of clean electricity worldwide from seven to 65 percent.


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