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Australia launches world’s first solar-powered public bus

The world’s first solar PV public bus has started running in the southern Australian city of Adelaide.

The bus is called Tindo, which means ‘sun’ in the Kaurna Aboriginal language, and is part of the city’s free Connector Bus service. It was manufactured by Designline International, a New Zealand company.

The bus uses 100% solar power; so, since it doesn’t have a combustion engine, it not only doesn’t emit pollutants but is also very quiet.

Tindo solar bus. Credit: Adelaide City Council

Tindo solar bus. Credit: Adelaide City Council

Tindo can carry 40 passengers, and has wireless internet and air-conditioning, making it more comfortable than older public buses.

The bus also has a regenerative braking system, which saves up to 30% energy consumption, and can travel about 125 miles between charges. It is recharged using a BP Solar photovoltaic array at the Adelaide Central Bus Station.

Since it began running in February 2013, Tindo has saved the city council over 3,700 gallons of diesel fuel and displaced over 150,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.


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