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Apple could have a solar-powered watch in the works

Rumor has it that Apple is developing a solar-powered wristwatch, according to a New York Times report.

That’s based on comments from insiders and former employees, and the fact that Apple recently posted a job advertisement seeking an engineer specialising in solar and has poached employees from battery tech companies like Tesla.

There have already been rumours of a curved-glass “smartwatch,” and in 2013 Apple patented a flexible battery, which could potentially be covered by a thin layer of solar cells.

While smartphone and portable computer technology has been advancing in leaps and bounds, battery technology has lagged. According to the Times, that’s because the safety of “experimental” batteries is not totally clear – and also because most currently popular devices, like cell phones, do not actually see enough sun as they are usually carried in pockets.

An iPod connected to a solar battery. Credit: Reuters

An iPhone connected to a solar battery. Credit: Reuters

As the functionalities of products like smartphones increase, the need to extend battery life is becoming more profound…however, even if a solar-powered Apple smartwatch really is in the works, by all counts it is years away from reaching consumers.


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