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Amazon smart thermostat complete review

Smart home products – or home appliances that can connect to other devices or networks, like a smartphone – offer convenience and efficiency, and are becoming increasingly popular. From doorbells and locks, to smoke detectors, to thermostats, smart home devices can be controlled from virtually anywhere. Amazon offers a single smart thermostat, priced at $59 and made with Honeywell Home technology. Created to pair perfectly with your Alexa, this thermostat can help you manage a home’s energy habits. In this article, we’ll review Amazon’s Smart Thermostat.

Key takeaways

  1. Amazon offers a smart thermostat that is built using Honeywell Home thermostat technology and is designed to work with the Alexa app.

  2. Amazon thermostats are compatible with most 24V heating and cooling systems and require a C-wire power or power adapter kit to function correctly.

  3. With an Amazon thermostat, you can control it remotely, set it to automatically turn down when no one is home, and receive alerts in case something goes wrong.

  4. Use the EnergySage Marketplace to pair your smart thermostat with emission-free electricity produced right at home!

What’s in this article?

How does the Amazon thermostat work?

The Amazon thermostat is a smart thermostat, or WiFi-enabled home automation device that controls a home’s HVAC. Just like traditional thermostats, the Amazon thermostat is wall-mounted control systems that display a zone’s temperature and settings. However, unlike traditional thermostats, the Amazon thermostat can be controlled remotely, turn itself down when no one is home, and monitor your energy usage.

Once installed, the Amazon thermostat connects to Alexa, allowing you to adjust the temperature of your home from anywhere and receive alerts to catch potential issues early on. The Amazon thermostat has learning capabilities or “hunches”. Based on your movement and use of your phone in the house, the thermostat is able to understand when you’re away, asleep, or have returned home. You can also set up Alexa commands that include instructions for the thermostat that regulate temperature based on what you say. For example, in the winter, “Alexa I’m home” could indicate that you are back in the house and would like the temperature to be warmer.

Amazon’s smart thermostat offering

Amazon offers just one smart thermostat model, aptly called the Amazon Smart Thermostat. The Amazon Smart Thermostat is Amazon’s first smart thermostat. Known for its learning algorithm or “hunches”, the thermostat learns your personal temperature preferences to adapt and adjust on its own to save you time on manually setting a schedule. Other notable features include exclusive compatibility with the Alexa app indoor humidity sensor reporting and control. The Amazon Smart Thermostat features a high-res digital display with three buttons to control temperature and mode. This ENERGY STAR certified thermostat comes with a wall plate and a cosmetic plate.

Are Amazon thermostats compatible with all HVAC systems?

Amazon thermostats are compatible with most 24V heating and cooling systems, meaning they work for the majority of household setups. They don’t work with 110-240V HVAC systems and require a C-wire power or power adapter kit, which you can purchase separately. To make sure your HVAC system is compatible with the Amazon Smart Thermostat, use their interactive compatibility checker tool for step-by-step instructions to do it yourself or connect with a professional installer in your area.

Amazon’s thermostat in more detail

The Amazon Smart Thermostat has several features to support your energy savings and integrate your thermostat into your smart home.

Amazon’s Smart Thermostat Price41.99 Heating energy savings and cooling energy savings$50 on your yearly energy bills HVAC compatibilityWorks with most 24V heating and cooling systems App compatibility Alexa app Warranty length1 year Trim plateIncluded  DisplayHigh-res digital display  Includes Farsight display (time, temperature, or weather)- ENERGY STAR certified✔ Turns itself down when you’re away✔ Nest Temperature Sensor compatibility✔ Learning capabilities✔ Voice control compatibility Only when paired with Alexa smart home systems Rebates available ✔

Power your home with the sun

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