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ADT Solar: the complete review

The ADT logo can be found on homes across the United States, broadcasting that they’re protected by the home security system of a trusted and reliable company. Solar probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think about ADT, but in 2021, they entered the residential solar market with the acquisition of Sunpro Solar, creating ADT Solar. So what does going solar with ADT Solar look like? Let’s dive in.

Key takeaways

  1. ADT acquired Sunpro Solar in 2021 to create ADT Solar.

  2. ADT Solar offers competitive warranties and installs some of the top brands in the industry when it comes to solar panels, microinverters, and battery storage.

  3. ADT Solar currently operates in 24 U.S. states.

  4. Ready to get started with your solar journey? Visit the EnergySage Marketplace to receive custom quotes from local solar installers.

What’s in this article?

What is ADT Solar?

In late 2021, ADT announced its plans to acquire Sunpro Solar and begin operating the company under the ADT name, creating ADT Solar. This acquisition combined the trusted ADT brand name (well known outside of the solar industry for home security systems) with Sunpro’s 15 years of residential solar installation expertise. ADT doesn’t manufacture its own solar equipment – it serves as a solar installer, offering in-house installations with equipment from other companies. ADT Solar is currently operating in 24 states and has plans to further expand.

ADT Solar’s equipment offerings

As we’ve explained, ADT Solar doesn’t offer their own line of equipment as part of their solar services, but here’s a breakdown of the equipment they typically install:

Solar panels

When they first acquired Sunpro Solar in 2021, ADT Solar primarily installed LG Solar panels. However, in February 2022, LG announced that they were exiting the solar industry and would no longer be offering solar panels. (LG will still be honoring warranties, so some companies with remaining inventory may still be installing LG panels.) In light of this disruption, there have been some questions as to what panel brand will become the new go-to for ADT Solar. They’ve said that they will only be installing panels that offer a 25-year warranty, and will be backing them with a 25-year production guarantee provided by ADT.

Solar inverters

While the question of panel brand may remain nebulous as ADT Solar determines their panel brand preference, they do have a clear choice made when it comes to inverters. They install Enphase microinverters for all of their installations, one of the top brand options for microinverters currently on the market. Enphase microinverters operate with 97 percent efficiency and have a 25-year long warranty.

Solar batteries

Battery storage is a good choice for anyone whose utility company includes time-of-use rates or demand charges, doesn’t offer net metering, or experiences frequent outages. If you’re interested in battery backup as part of your solar panel system, ADT Solar offers homeowners a choice between two options: the Tesla Powerwall and the Enphase IQ battery. Both of these solar batteries are highly rated and offer various configuration options to best fit your energy storage needs. They’re also both stackable, meaning you can add additional batteries depending on how much backup you need, and include an end of warranty capacity rating that guarantees your battery will retain 70 percent of its original capacity by the end of its 10-year warranty.

How to pay for an ADT Solar energy system

ADT Solar customers can choose between three financing options for their solar systems: cash purchases, solar loans, and solar leases or power purchase agreements (PPAs). With all of these options, there are pros and cons, but it’s important to understand that with a lease or PPA, you can’t take advantage of many solar incentives and rebates like the federal solar tax credit.

Is ADT Solar right for you?

Here’s a quick breakdown of some key facts about ADT Solar that can help you decide if it’s right for you:


While all of ADT Solar’s warranty offerings are competitive with the current industry standards, their workmanship warranty is significantly longer than most.

  1. Power production guarantee: 25 years, if the solar power produced by your panels is less than what was guaranteed, you will receive the difference in a cash payment.

  2. Workmanship and labor warranty: 25 years, covers the workmanship and solar panel installation by ADT Solar.

  3. Performance warranty: 25 years, covers any issues that might arise with your solar panels that aren’t related to workmanship, labor, or power production.

  4. Enphase microinverter guarantee: 25 years, covers any issues that might come up specifically relating to your Enphase microinverters.

Service areas

ADT Solar is currently operating in the 24 states listed below, with intentions to further expand its service areas in the future.

  1. Arizona

  2. Arkansas

  3. California

  4. Colorado

  5. Florida

  6. Georgia

  7. Illinois

  8. Iowa

  9. Kansas

  10. Louisiana

  11. Maryland

  12. Massachusetts

  1. Mississippi

  2. Missouri

  3. Ohio

  4. Nebraska

  5. Nevada

  6. New Mexico

  7. North Carolina

  8. Oklahoma

  9. South Carolina

  10. Tennessee

  11. Texas

  12. Virginia


Below we’ve compiled reviews of ADT Solar (and Sunpro) from different business rating locations across various websites so you can see what other consumers are saying about ADT Solar.

ADT Solar reviews Review siteRatingTotal # of reviews (as of November 2022) Better Business Bureau (BBB)2.02323 Yelp366 Consumer Affairs1.527 BestCompany.com4.41,424 EnergySage 4105

You can check out EnergySage customer reviews of ADT Solar and Sunpro on our website.

It’s important to note that reviews can be influenced by a number of factors, including the sales person that someone interacted with and where they were at in the process when they left the review.

Is ADT Solar worth it?

When it comes to solar installation companies, ADT Solar combines the trusted ADT brand name with the industry knowledge of Sunpro. They offer competitive warranties and are installing some of the top products available on the market. They’re also backed by the reputable larger parent company ADT, which has almost 150 years of history behind it. You can rely on ADT Solar to honor their warranties and provide any support you need during the lifespan of your solar system. ADT also offers roofing services in addition to solar installation, meaning that if anything unexpected arises regarding your roof during the solar installation process, they’ll be able to expertly and quickly address it to avoid slowing down your installation.

When deciding to go with ADT Solar instead of a different solar company, keep in mind that their pricing information is not available online. While this is not atypical, it could be a deciding factor when it comes time to make a decision about which company will be installing your solar system. They also have not yet settled on a new preferred panel brand, but this has the advantage of potentially offering you more options when making the investment in a new solar system.

Overall, while ADT Solar is new in some ways to the solar market, they are a solid choice and competitive with some of the best solar companies in the industry when it comes to product offerings, warranties, and future longevity. It’s important to be confident that a company will actually be around to honor a 25-year warranty, and ADT Solar has the trusted ADT brand name to inspire that confidence.

Frequently asked questions about ADT solar

Does ADT sell solar?

ADT offers solar installation services but does not manufacture or sell solar equipment directly to customers. 

Is ADT Solar the same as ADT security?

ADT Solar and ADT Security are separate divisions of ADT; however, both are part of ADT’s smart home experience.

Does ADT Solar install solar shingles?

While ADT offers both roofing and solar installations, they don’t currently install solar shingles. 

How to find the best price on solar panels

Ready to start shopping for a solar system and saving money on your electric bill? On the EnergySage Marketplace, you’ll receive custom, free quotes from solar installers. By comparing quotes, you’ll be able to find a system and a solar provider that meets your renewable energy needs at the right price. Just looking for a ballpark estimate on cost? Check out our Solar Calculator, which offers upfront cost and long-term savings estimates based on your location and roof type.

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