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Solar news: December 17, 2021

In this week’s news round up, we discuss an important update to solar regulations in California and an innovative new solar carport structure.

California Public Utilities Commision releases net metering 3.0 proposal

Earlier this week the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) released its proposal for net metering–or NEM–3.0. This proposal is not final, and will be voted on in January 2022 at the earliest. The new proposal lowers the net metering credit value that solar owners receive due to concerns that higher credit values increase rates for utility customers who don’t have solar. Under the new proposal, solar owners would be credited at the utility’s avoided cost rate – or the cost for the utility to produce electricity behind the meter. Solar owners would also pay a monthly grid participation charge of $8 per installed kilowatt (kW).

To compensate for lower rates, NEM 3.0 will include a four-year market transition credit of up to $5.25 per kW. The market transition credit is designed to help lock in a 10-year payback period for customers while giving Califorinia’s solar industry time to adjust to these changes. Notably, this credit will not be available to customers who are required to install solar based on the new construction requirements under Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards. Solar owners will also be able to oversize their system to 150 percent if these proposed changes are passed.

The bottom line? If you’re looking to go solar in California, don’t wait! There are currently efforts from solar industry advocates to protect current incentive values and prevent NEM 3.0 from taking effect, which you can support here! To learn more about NEM 3.0, check out our breakdown of what it means for you, and ways you can get involved.

Mecojit develops solar carport solution without foundations

French solar company Mecojit recently announced that they have developed a solar carport that could be installed without a foundation or excavation work. Their carport product, called Mecopark, is designed to speed up solar carport installations while reducing cost and disruption. When discussing Mecopark, Mecojit CEO Yanis Desangles told pv magazine, “the digging of foundations may be a barrier to the installation of a PV system at certain sites, as these works may disrupt commercial and industrial activities. Our solution can be deployed in any industrial or commercial space in record time and at a lower cost.” Mecojit recently installed a 132 kW system in less than a week using this method.


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