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Saving with rooftop solar: a success story

We love hearing success stories from EnergySage customers who use our Marketplace to save on their electricity bills by going solar! One Virginia homeowner shares their experience of going solar through EnergySage and how much they’ve saved since their installation.

Using EnergySage, in the words of a solar shopper

Hi everyone, I’m here in Northern Virginia, where spring is upon us and the sun is shining. And as a result, our solar panels are really starting to produce a lot more energy.

We had them installed in December, and now we’re finally starting to see a net output. Since we have net metering, we’re producing more energy than we’re using, and it’s been great to see. I obsessively check my solar dashboard every day and monitor the production of the panels. And I’ve had a lot of fun doing it.

The whole process really started with EnergySage. I filled out some basic information and right away they were able to collect a bunch of competitive bids for us. They’re able to line them up so that we can compare things apples to apples, and really understand the different factors in the decision-making.

Just a few short months later, we had this huge system installed on our roof and couldn’t be happier!

Learn more about going solar

Go solar now and save

Want to join this solar shopper and start saving with solar? You can sign up for a free account on the EnergySage Marketplace to get quotes from local solar installers. By comparing multiple quotes, you’ll be able to find the right system for you at a great price! Not quite ready to receive quotes? You can also use our Solar Calculator to get an estimate of how much you’ll save by going solar.


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