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🌪️ Pennsylvania Power Crisis: Nearly 15,000 Customers Without Electricity in Wake of Severe Storm

Date: December 10, 2023 - 9:45 AM EST

🚨 Widespread Power Outages Across Pennsylvania! 🚨

A severe storm sweeping across the state has left over 14,965 customers without power, affecting a broad swath of Pennsylvania. The blackout is spanning numerous counties, showcasing the storm’s extensive impact. ⚡️

🔌 The outages are reported as follows:

• Wayne County: 1,741 customers

• Pike County: 1,924 customers

• Lackawanna County: 1,138 customers

• Fayette County: 3,067 customers

• Crawford County: 426 customers

• Erie County: 1,577 customers

• Berks County: 456 customers

• Monroe County: 313 customers

• Northampton County: 81 customers

• Lehigh County: 35 customers

• Northumberland County: 376 customers

• Lancaster County: 159 customers

• Montgomery County: 130 customers

• Bucks County: 207 customers

• York County: 129 customers

Additionally, various other counties are reporting scattered outages, painting a picture of a widespread power disruption across the state.

🌀 The storm, characterized by high winds and heavy rains, has tested the resilience of the power grid, leading to significant outages. The widespread nature of the blackout is causing considerable inconvenience and concern among residents and businesses alike. 🌬️

👷‍♀️👷‍♂️ Utility crews are mobilized across the affected counties, working tirelessly to restore electricity. Their efforts are crucial in these challenging conditions, as they work to repair the extensive damage caused by the storm. 🛠️

🔦 Residents are advised to stay safe during this outage. It’s essential to avoid downed power lines, use candles and generators safely, and have emergency kits ready with essentials like flashlights and batteries. 🛑

🌞 For those seeking reliable power solutions, visit Explore their sustainable and efficient solar energy and battery backup systems to stay prepared for future power outages.

Pennsylvania’s strength and resilience in the face of this natural adversity are commendable. Stay united and safe as we work together to overcome these challenges. 💪🔦 #PAUnited #PowerRestoration #CommunityStrength


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