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How to Autoquote with EnergySage

Autoquote is a new feature designed to reduce the amount of time you spend quoting, while increasing engagement with customers. Autoquote empowers you to instantly and automatically generate quotes–to your specifications–for your solar prospects. This tool automates the process and leaves you in control of what you quote, how you price your services, and how you manage your leads. It is currently in beta mode and is not available in all markets.

You can set up Autoquote to feature your preferred pricing and products and to reflect the customer’s roof and shading profile, utility costs and energy consumption, utility provider, geography, and many other critical data points. The system is fully customizable and is able to provide a smart, sophisticated preliminary quote.

How to use autoquote

1. Set up EnergySage Packages

EnergySage allows you to create one or many packages, which include your preferred panels, inverters, and prices. You’ve already designed packages, and you’re likely using these on a daily basis to quote customers.

To create a quote package log in, hover over your name, and click on Settings from the drop-down menu. Then, click on the Quote Package Settings tab. Here, you’ll be able to view, edit, or add quote packages that include equipment and pricing, financing, incentives, and other contact and messaging.

2. Set up your Price by System Size

To set price by size, go to your equipment packages:

  1. Click Edit next to the package you would like to use for your estimates

  2. Scroll down to the section to adjust price per watt by system size

  3. Select a cost per watt in this range

You can add as many system size ranges as you need, and you can apply a separate cost per watt to each.

3. Set up autoquote for storage

You can automatically quote storage to consumers that request it.

Each customer that requests storage will be quoted the specified number of batteries and total storage cost that you allocate.

After you have configured your standard equipment packages, you can begin to use them as part of the auto-quote configuration process.

4. Set up Autoquote

There are a number of variables that might impact how you quote, and the EnergySage Autoquote tool allows you to configure for each: Utilities, Systems size, Equipment, Geography, Financing.

Before starting to configure your Autoquote settings, you should think about the variables that might affect your pricing. For example, if a specific AHJ or utility is difficult to work with, you may consider setting a different price. Or you may vary pricing based on distance from your office. Your Autoquote settings can be configured at the state, county, city, or zip-code level; at each level, you can also target specific utilities.

More specific targets take priority over less specific targets. For example, if you have one Autoquote setting for a zip code, and a second for a city that contains that zip code, a customer would match the zip code setting first, and only default to the city setting where no zip code match is available.

To set up Autoquote, click on Settings under your name; note that Autoquote settings are only accessible to admin users. Then, click on the Auto-Quoting tab:

Any previously created autoquote settings will appear on this page. Click to Add new setting:

Start by selecting the geographical level–first the state, then, if you choose, county, city, and/or zip code, and then click Next.

You can then choose to create a setting based on utility, or you may bypass this step. Then click Next.

Then, configure the packages that apply to these customers. The interface looks similar to the standard quote submission screen.

Note that the equipment and pricing package is required. The PV and storage financing package will only be applied to customers that request storage and/or financing.

After you’ve selected a package, you can specify which reps will receive these leads. You can add as many reps as you want, each with an optional contact and message package. When a lead is autoquoted based on this setting, one of those reps and contact packages will be randomly assigned the lead. Each rep is equally likely to be assigned the lead.

After you have selected the eligible reps, click Next. You then need to give this setting a unique name. At the bottom, toggle to activate the setting as soon as it is created. Once a setting is active, it will instantly quote matching leads.

Setting up Autoquote is quick and easy. Once Autoquote is live, you’re able to manage customer relationships just as you always would: log in to your dashboard to see active leads and to send and read messages.

Autoquote is a new feature that’s designed to save you time and increase engagement with prospects. As always, you’ll be able to customize or edit your quote as you learn more about the customer’s needs. Our hope is that this new tool empowers you and your team to quote more customers, more efficiently so you can focus your time on the most important step: engaging with prospects and closing sales.

Autoquote is now live for your administrators to set up today. The feature will go live for consumers this spring.


Why should I use Autoquote?

Autoquote is a new feature designed to increase customer engagement, save you time, and win you more business. Autoquote has the ability to dramatically reduce the amount of time your team spends quoting, while increasing the number of customers you engage. Autoquote allows you to remain in control of your pricing and product recommendations. As always, you remain in control of your customer relationships, and you are always able to revise an Autoquote once it’s delivered.

How do I set up my autoquote?

Setting up Autoquote is easy. To get started, log in to EnergySage, click on Settings under your name, click on the Auto-Quoting tab and follow the prompts. Autoquote settings are only accessible to admin users. Refer to the article above for complete instructions for how to get started. 

What if I want to change my Autoquote settings?

Autoquote is completely customizable. You can configure your settings to reflect the customer’s utility provider, requested system size, your equipment choices, the customer’s geography (down to the zip code), and storage and financing preferences. The tool allows you to easily and instantly adjust, create, or delete Autoquote packages.

Who can set up autoquotes?

Only EnergySage admin users can set up Autoquote. If you are not an admin user, please refer that person to the instructions above to get started. 

Where can I use autoquote?

Autoquote is currently available in Illinois and Wisconsin. We’ll update our community as new geographies come online.

Video walkthrough of Autoquote

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