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AT&T installs solar cell phone chargers in NYC

This summer, telecommunications company AT&T will install 25 solar-powered outdoor cell phone charging stations across New York City.

The initiative, called AT&T Street Charge, provides free charging for cell phones and tablets to the public in all five boroughs, and was inspired by “Superstorm” Sandy, which cut power across the city for days in October 2012.

AT&T worked with Goal Zero, a portable solar technology company, and design firm Pensa to develop AT&T Street Charge.

Credit: AT&T

Credit: AT&T

“Thanks to AT&T, more New Yorkers will have improved connectivity and access to the wireless technology that has become such an important part of our daily lives,” said Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg.

“After Hurricane Sandy, I asked our private sector partners to step up and help improve the resiliency of New York City. AT&T is doing just that, and we’re grateful for their efforts,” said Bloomberg.

Credit: AT&T

Credit: AT&T

The charging stations are powered by three monocrystalline solar panels; the energy is stored in batteries so that mobile devices can be charged in the shade or at night, too.

“Two years ago, we debuted free Wi-Fi in 26 locations across New York City Parks and last year became one of the first major carriers to offer underground cellular service on 36 subway platforms,” said Marissa Shorenstein, New York State President, AT&T.

“Solar mobile charging is a natural next step in AT&T’s efforts to provide innovative services for New Yorkers that empower them to lead more sustainable lives.”


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