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2016 Presidential Campaign: Solar Scorecard

Which Candidates are Strong on Solar? As we enter the run-up to the 2016 presidential election, a plethora of Republican and Democratic hopefuls are powering up their campaign machines. Many are already taking up part-time residence in the “first in the nation” states of Iowa and New Hampshire, hoping to separate themselves from the pack.

In the wake of the Obama administration’s mixed bag of hits and misses on energy policy, some Republicans are looking to use the Solyndra debacle and supports for solar power in general as a sign of the failure of Democratic energy policy. Other Republicans have their own solar success stories to tell. On the Democratic side as well, the current group of front runners range from strong solar supporters to openly anti-solar.

Solar Tribune has compiled a list of the leading (as of yet undeclared) candidates as of the beginning of 2015, and assigned each a grade, based on their commitment to solar power. Admittedly, it is a somewhat subjective process, but the criteria is as follows:

A- Strong support in statements and actions B- Support in statements, moderate action C- Moderate support in statements D- Little or no support F- Anti-Solar in statement or action

This ranking does not reflect the candidates philosophy on markets vs. incentives, climate science, support for fossil fuels or any other criteria other than their actual statements regarding solar’s significance in the future of the nation’s energy mix, and their personal actions to help or hinder the growth of the industry.


Jeb Bush: C


Chris Christie: A


Ted Cruz: F


Mike Huckabee: C


Bobby Jindal: D


Rand Paul: C


Rick Perry: D


Marco Rubio: C


Paul Ryan: F



Joe Biden: B


Hillary Clinton: A


Bernie Sanders: A T


Elizabeth Warren: C


Jim Webb: F


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