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Solar on wheels powers events in San Diego

Stellar Solar, a San Diego-based commercial and residential solar provider, is spreading the word about solar PV thanks to its Mobile Solar Station.

The mobile solar unit has ten 225 watt SunPower solar panels, and can be hired to power events like community festivals, fundraisers and athletic events – for free! The unit can also be used to show school students how solar works first hand.

Credit: Stellar Solar

Credit: Stellar Solar

This month the Stellar Mobile Solar Station will be powering three events in San Diego – Encinitas Environment Day (powering a stage with bands and speakers), the KPRi Green Flash Concert at Birch Aquarium (powering juicers to make orange juice & mimosas), and the Summer of Fun on the 101 music festival in Leucadia.

“This is exactly the kind of mix we like to have for the Mobile Solar Station,” said Michael Powers, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Stellar Solar.

By using clean power, these events do not have to rely on fossil-fueled generators, and attendees get to see solar in action.

“It’s great to power green focused events, but it’s the venues like the Green Flash and Summer Fun on the 101 where people who may not be familiar with solar get to see it in action.”

Credit: Stellar Solar

Credit: Stellar Solar


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