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Solar news: April 6th, 2018

In this week’s Solar News Roundup, JinkoSolar invests in a new Florida factory for NextEra Energy, and RGS Energy announces a move towards Dow solar shingle installations.

JinkoSolar to build $50 million solar module factory in Florida

One of the world’s largest solar manufacturers has just confirmed their plans to invest in a Florida factory producing solar modules. JinkoSolar, a China-based solar manufacturer, has a deal in place with U.S.-based NextEra Energy Resources to supply them with solar modules. The factory will supply NextEra with up to 2.75 gigawatts (GW) of modules over a period of four years.

“As NextEra Energy continues to invest heavily in new solar project across the country, we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to buy cost-effective, reliable solar panels made here in America,” said NextEra’s chairman and CEO Jim Robo.

NextEra Energy Resources owns Florida Power & Light and operates more than 2,100 megawatts (MW) of utility-scale photovoltaics. This new deal will provide NextEra with inexpensive modules as they continue investing in large solar projects. As part of the growing trend towards utility-scale photovoltaics and renewables in general over traditional fossil fuels, companies like NextEra and JinkoSolar are positioning themselves to be leaders in the industry through deals like this.

RGS Energy announces official transition towards solar shingles

While Elon Musk’s solar roof product remains mired in slow production and rollout, there are other options for a solar shingle installation being injected into the market. Just this past week, RGS Energy, a U.S. solar installation company operating for about 40 years, announced their company realignment to scale back traditional residential solar installations in favor of solar shingle installations using Dow Chemical Company’s POWERHOUSE solar shingles.

RGS and Dow initially signed a license agreement in October of 2017 which allowed RGS to commercialize the solar shingle product. Now, in April 2018, RGS has completed their company realignment and secured relationships with numerous partners to make the marketing and commercialization of POWERHOUSE shingles a reality. POWERHOUSE shingles are a solar shingle product meant to both produce power and appear aesthetically pleasing, similar to the promise of Tesla’s solar roof.

The pressure is on for Tesla to get their solar roof up and running both on the production and installation sides, as other products will continue to become viable the longer they stall. For RGS and Dow, this partnership is a clear attempt to become a major player in the evolving future of rooftop solar in a solar industry continually demanding innovation.


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