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Q&A with HomeGrid

Are you interested in installing a solar-plus-storage system? Do you like legos? These two questions might not sound related, but when it comes to HomeGrid’s energy storage system, they’re both quite relevant! HomeGrid is a relatively new battery company known for their stackable batteries akin to massive legos. We sat down with HomeGrid’s team to learn more about their company, the products they offer, and their advice for those shopping for storage. Find out what solar + storage costs in your area in 2023

An overview of HomeGrid

Tell us more about HomeGrid – how did you get your start? When and why did you enter the storage industry?

HomeGrid was started by Stewart Graham, Spencer Christensen, and Jason Morris. Stewart was one of the early pioneers of lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries as an engineer at Valance in the early 2000s and has been in the battery space since. He has worked on projects like the rail gun and the Bezos Blue Origin rocket batteries. He was tracking the residential battery market and watched Sonnen’s massive growth in Europe and Tesla opening the market in the US and realized that there was a big opportunity if someone could deliver a battery that powered the whole home.

Stew found a manufacturing partner in China that had developed a suitable system and began testing it on his home. In November 2020, he sat down with Spencer Christensen and Jason Morris to create a residential and commercial battery company and HomeGrid was started the next day! Spencer and Jason found the financial investment necessary to start the company and moved to California to understand the market and launch the company. Spencer created the go to market strategy and built out the internal infrastructure to sell nationwide. He also formed a partnership with Sol-Ark which aided in rapid growth.

HomeGrid was acquired by Lithion Battery in September 2021.

What’s HomeGrid’s mission as a company?

HomeGrid’s mission is to produce top tier residential and commercial battery products to help aid in the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

Product offerings

Tell us about the different storage products you offer – how did you decide on the design of HomeGrid batteries?

The main two products that we offer are the Compact and Stack’d batteries. We wanted a product line that was easy to install, could power the whole home, and was modular. This stackable design is easy to upgrade and service.

What does a typical HomeGrid storage system look like? What’s the capacity range of your systems?

The average battery size is a four stack, which is 19.2 kilowatt-hours (kWh), although we can scale our Stack’d batteries up to 576 kWh.

What inverters work with HomeGrid batteries?

Sol-Ark and Schneider are the two most popular choices, but it can pair with any 48v hybrid inverter.

Can you add a HomeGrid battery to an existing solar system?

You can – you can use a hybrid inverter and AC couple onto an existing solar inverter.

Amid ongoing supply chain constraints in the storage industry, do you currently have products in stock? What’s your supply chain like?

Due to our significant financial backing we have a very large inventory of Stack’d batteries. We have about 2,000 of our 19.2 kWh batteries in our warehouses in Henderson, NV currently and usually ship within a week. We are shifting our manufacturing back to the US, with the plan to have the assembly in NV within the year, and we will be starting construction on a full-scale prismatic cell factory next year. This will be one of the very first LFP cell factories in the US.

Owning a HomeGrid storage system

Tell us about your warranty. What’s the warranty claim process like? What can a HomeGrid owner expect if they need support?

We have a 10-year warranty that guarantees 4,000 cycles. It’s a very simple process if you need to replace one of the modules, and the battery can still function if one of the modules is down. Usually, the installer that was originally working with the homeowner will contact the HomeGrid support team and if we can’t solve the problem and need to issue an RMA, we’ll send them a packing label so that they can ship us back the module. We will ship them a new module that can easily be added to the stack.

If an owner of a HomeGrid system wants to increase their current system size, is that easy to do? What’s that process like?

Due to the modularity of the batteries, it’s very easy to upgrade your system. Each module is 5 kWh and stacks like a lego. If you want to add more capacity to the battery, you simply remove the top piece (BMS) and add another block.

What’s your monitoring system like?

The monitoring will be through the inverter system or load management. Usually that would be through Sol-Ark, Savant, or Schneider’s platform.

What happens if the owner of a HomeGrid system needs to move? Can they take their system with them? Does this void the warranty?

They can take it with them and it won’t void the warranty.

Advice for storage shoppers

In your opinion, why should storage shoppers choose HomeGrid batteries over others available today?

The Stack’d batteries have three times more output than other main products on the market, which means our batteries can power your entire home rather than just your fridge and lights. The Stack’d batteries are easier to install, easy to upgrade, they can scale significantly larger, and our batteries have the top tier chemistry for the function.

Do you have any advice for those shopping for storage? What do consumers not ask about storage products and options that they should?

Most consumers ask how long the batteries will last, but they now have the ability to ask what the batteries can power. The tech has advanced enough now that consumers should really pay attention to the output on the battery that they are buying.

Start comparing solar-plus-storage quotes

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