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Q&A with Electriq: the PowerPod 2

The energy storage industry is always evolving, generating new and improved battery options for homeowners each day. For an example of this, look no further than Electriq Power – this California-based energy storage company just released a new product called the PowerPod 2 that comes with some impressive upgrades to their original PowerPod product, such as lithium-iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry and improved storage duration. We recently sat down with Electriq to learn more about their newest offering, and what’s coming up next: Find out what solar + storage costs in your area in 2023

How the PowerPod 2 came to be

[EnergySage] Why did Electriq decide to come out with the PowerPod 2?

[Electriq] Electriq Power is focused on continuously bringing innovative energy storage solutions to market. The industry is still young and constantly evolving to meet the emerging demands of the marketplace. Our business model does not tie us to any one supplier, putting us in a unique position to improve our product more rapidly than our competitors. One of the most recent developments in the industry is the shift to LFP chemistry, a non-toxic, non-hazardous solution that allows for longer battery cycle life, increased reliability, and enhanced safety.

We knew we had to create our own LFP option, but the challenge was finding an affordable solution. We conducted a global search, negotiated with dozens of suppliers, and ultimately ended up with a phenomenal battery from one of the largest and most bankable LFP battery providers in the world. It’s commitment like this that sets us apart and enables us to offer one of the most capable, feature-rich residential battery systems on the market. We’re proud to be at the forefront of the global transition to clean energy and look forward to continued growth.

[EnergySage] How does this battery move storage tech forward?

[Electriq]The Electriq PowerPod is not just defined by its hardware spec improvements; we’re equally, if not, more focused on the software and system controls side of energy storage. The PowerPod 2 is the first residential battery to be certified to OpenADR 2.0b, which opens up the potential for additional revenue streams to our customers through grid service capabilities. We’ve enhanced our communications to an always-connected PowerHub that has both LTE and Wi-Fi connections available. Communication is also powered directly by the battery, and therefore will continue to operate when the grid is down – this is a critical feature for both the homeowner and any grid service program.

Product details & differentiators of the PowerPod 2

[EnergySage] What advancements have you made with this new product?

[Electriq] We have made several other improvements in the PowerPod 2 to the benefit of both installers and homeowners, including:

  1. More power: 11.4 kW DC solar, 7.6 kW continuous backup output

  2. Improve storage duration from 10 to 20 kWh

  3. Now outdoor-rated (NEMA 3R)

  4. OpenADR 2.0b-certified

  5. Resilient communication during power and internet outages via built-in battery-powered LTE

  6. Modular and easy to install, plus guaranteed commissioning during installation with LTE

[EnergySage] What are the best use-cases for the PowerPod 2? Does it pair well with a solar installation?

[Electriq] The PowerPod 2 is designed to move seamlessly between on-grid and off-grid with little disruption to the home. When connected to the grid, homeowners can choose from a variety of operating modes, such as self-supply, time-of-use, or a simple backup mode. The system is designed to pair with or without solar panels, providing a number of benefits, including a free source of energy generation for extended outages.

[EnergySage] What warranties do you offer with the PowerPod 2?

[Electriq] The PowerPod 2 will be launching with a 10-year warranty that will guarantee at least 70% remaining capacity after that 10-year period.

Availability of the PowerPod 2

[EnergySage] Where is the PowerPod 2 currently available? And where are you expanding to next?

[Electriq] We’re currently deploying systems in the North American and Caribbean markets. There are a lot of international opportunities that we continue to monitor, but for now we’re keeping ourselves busy here in the U.S.

[EnergySage] Can any company in your certified installer network install the [new product]?

[Electriq] Yes, they can install our system as long as they have passed our training program and have access to our PowerTools commissioning application. We’ve kept our installation process simple, but we want to make sure that all installers are certified to meet our quality standards and expectations from customers.

[Electriq] What do your customers like most about Electriq Power?

[Electriq] We have two different types of customers – installation partners and homeowners. Our installation partners prefer the modularity of PowerPod and the ease of installation. They also like the flexibility of the system and its efficacy in a wide range of applications. In particular, our installation partners appreciate the technical support that Electriq Power provides before and during installation.

On the other hand, our customers enjoy the functionality of PowerPod and the intuitive nature of our customer application. They’re able to control and monitor their system from any smart phone or web browser, which allows them to experience the advantages of energy storage. And, of course, they love the modern design.

Eyes to the future

[EnergySage] What’s coming out next for your company?

[Electriq] With each new generation, the PowerPod product continues to raise the bar on hardware, software, and control functionalities for residential energy storage systems. We listen to the market and stay on top of industry trends, so our customers and installers can benefit from the most up-to-date technology at an affordable price. We have a number of developments underway right now, including software and hardware product-based improvements, that will continue to add value to our energy storage system and increase user experience.

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