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Off-Grid Update: Off-Grid Solar Industry Quietly Breaking New Ground

With utility-scale solar installations may be grabbing the headlines, but off-grid solar is alive and well.With increasing concerns about out aging transmission and distribution systems and more demand for electricity in remote areas, the off-grid solar industry is quietly breaking new ground.

Equal Earth Offers Off-Grid Financing

Equal Earth, a San Diego based renewable energy company, has announced that the company is offering customers long-term financing for off-grid solar systems through innovative solar lease and loan programs.

The project will be launched first in Hawaii by Equal Earth subsidiary Green Tiki, and will be available to homeowners and businesses. Hawaii is a perfect testing ground, because of the high rate price of electricity charged to ratepayers. In the future, Equal Earth plans to expand its off-grid solar financing solutions to other markets, particularly those markets where utility rates are high, due to limited distribution.


According to Equal Earth Chairman, President and CEO, Andrew Duggan. “In many places, because of what’s happening with the utilities, off-grid solar is no longer an option, but a necessity.”

Outback Develops Off-Grid Products for International Market

Earlier this summer, off-grid industry leader Outback Power announced the introduction of SmartHarvest, a series of products aimed at the international market. The SmartHarvest line will kick off with the release of a maximum power-point tracking charge controller (model SCC-20-100 MPPT) and an inverter/charger ( SPCU 1024) that combines a maximum power-point tracking charge controller and 1kW inverter into a single unit. Envision Solar To Roll Out Off-grid Car Charger

Designed to sit in a standard 9’X18′ parking place, the EV ARC (Electric Vehicle Autonomous Renewable Charger) will feature a 2.3kW Solar Array that will generate an average of 16kWhrs per day. The power will be stored in a 22kWhr battery bank. The EV ARC will be designed and fabricated in the US by Envision Solar.

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