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NJ passes 1 GW of installed PV capacity

The state of New Jersey recently reached the 1 GW-mark for installed solar capacity.

The news, announced by the Board of Public Utilities, makes it just the third state in the U.S. to reach the milestone, joining California and Arizona.

The state has a total installed solar capacity of 1,008.4 MW, through 20,340 of solar projects, including 15,500 residential installations, 3,000 commercial, 300 schools and 200 government projects.

Photo Credit: The Solar Foundation

Photo Credit: The Solar Foundation

“Reaching the 1GW of solar capacity milestone is an incredible achievement and represents New Jersey’s continued commitment to renewable energy,” said Governor Chris Christie. “It is clear that New Jersey will remain one of the largest solar energy markets in the United States.”

As per the state’s 2011 Energy Plan, New Jersey aims to generate at least 22.5 percent of its energy from renewables by 2021 – and this milestone confirms it is on track to reach that goal


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