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Dutch company develops solar street lights

Dutch company Kaal Masten has developed the world’s first fully solar-powered street lights.

The stand-alone lighting column, called the Spirit, does not require connection to mains power and took three years to develop.

The column is modular and can stand up to 60 feet tall, making the Spirit excellent for areas that require lighting but may not have an electricity connection, like rural roads, car parks or motorways.

Credit: Kaal Masten

Credit: Kaal Masten

The Spirit uses only solar PV and LED technology, so it consumes zero electricity, and all components are fully recyclable.

“This is the future of public lighting. Firstly because of the stand-alone nature of the column; governments and other managers of open spaces are no longer dependent on the mains network in order to realise top quality lighting, and therefore safety,” said Jos van den Hurk, director of Kaal Masten.

“In addition, sustainability plays a significant role; the CO2 footprint for public lighting will be substantially reduced as a result.”

The creators of the Spirit say it will work in all types of weather, including snow, thanks to a lithium battery in the base of the pole.

The first Spirits will be installed at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands.


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