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Components of a Solar Hot Water Heating System

The following components commonly found in a solar water heating system. Your system may not require some of these components, depending on the type of solar collector you use:

Photo Credit: U.S. Department of Energy

  1. Solar collectors convert sunlight to heat energy. Learn more about the different types of solar collectors.

  2. Heat transfer fluids carry the heat from solar collectors to water storage tanks. In warm climates, the heat transfer fluid may be potable water; in cold climates, a non-toxic anti-freeze. Learn about the importance of heat transfer fluids.

  3. Heat exchangers transfer solar heat from the transfer fluid to the home water supply. Learn more about the types of heat exchangers.

  4. Storage tanks store hot water when it is not in use. Find out what type of storage tank is best for your home.

  5. Pumps control the flow of the transfer fluid through the collector and storage tank.

  6. Pump station/system controller. These are optional.

In addition to the various parts needed for a solar hot water heating system, you will need to select the correct system size for your household.


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